Armação de Pera

Armação de Pera – 3 times for good vacations


To see Armação de Pera – ​A family’s beach

The long coast goes from shallow and wide, to rocky and secluded, filling all kinds of expectation. Lodging is easy, with all kinds of solution, from good hotels to camping, with many familiar houses close to the beach.

The only problem in Armação de Pera is that you have to share water and sand with… many, all the time.

West end

Armação de Pera

The western end of the beach is its most beautiful area.

​The wild rocks compose strange formations and become a sort of amusement park for kids.

The only problem is being a little far from town, so, in the heat of the day, you’d better take your car, but parking is the usual nightmare.

East end

Arma??o de Pera

The eastern end of the town (not of the beach, that continues for several kilometers until Galé) is the best to families with small kids.

There are no stairs to reach the beach, that is shallow and quiet.

​ Some private houses to rent in this area of town make it easier to kids, and I used it several times, when the kids were small.

Fishermen’s beach

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The beach in Armação de Pera is long, with several accesses descending the cliffs, not to high, but, in the central area, high enough to become uncomfortable, specially with children.

​When our kids were small, we spent there three successive summers, renting a home in the western tip of the beach (Fisherman’s beach), where the land is shallow, almost at sea level.It’s the quietest and most comfortable area, and the more affordable solution after the camping park, not far.

Main beach

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The long stripe of fine sand, lining the hotels and apartment buildings, are the core zone of this popular beach.

The commercial concessions fill the area, and you are “invited” to book a canopy or chairs, but there’s free space to everybody, if you refuse to spend money in a shade.

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