To see Aracena – Missed third visit… or not

I visited the caves of Aracena, for the first time, in 1963, where it was no more than a small and lost village by the Portuguese border.

We did it again in 1979, and didn’t notice too much difference.

I did it again now, and couldn’t recognize the city – developed, some modernity, prepared for tourism.

We arrived late, and couldn’t enter the caves, but I don’t consider a failed visit, because that circumstance allowed us a deeper look of the city. Not bad!

​Gruta de las Maravillas


I visited several caves, and though the common beauty always relies on stalactites and stalagmites, a few details may give to each one a different personality. Furthermore, lighting adds volume and colour, changing everything the achieve the best performance.

I couldn’t enter this time, and my memories of previous visits are… 36 years old. I remember the surprise of the different formations and colors according the the diversity of minerals added to the water, and it was that image that I would like to confirm in this failed visit.​

Discovered in 1850, the caves were opened to the public in 1914, and keep being visited by thousands, while promoted as “maybe” the most beautiful and well preserved in the world. Maybe!I have already a good comparison chart (Several in Portugal, China, India, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Mexico, Mallorca in a quick review) but… couldn’t check.


The castle


Museo del Jamon


Carmen church


The city


Touristy train


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