Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis – 2 visits by car and boat

The Brazilian soap operas that swarm the Portuguese televisions, have created a superlative image of this locality, that results in a certain disillusionment when it arrives.

In fact, Angra dos Reis is a common seaport, which has its charm in the multiple islands scattered across the bay.

Thus, a boat trip is mandatory.

Boat trip

Angra dos reis by solopes
Angra dos Reis by Solopes

We did our boat trip, but starting in a different point of the bay – Parati.

Is is further from Rio de Janeiro, and that may explain the option of Angra, however, the city of Parati is a marvel that occupies well the free time between trips.

Memories of Angra dos Reis

Angra dos reis by solopes
In the boat

For a Portuguese, obliged to see hundreds of Brazilian novels a day in TV, Angra dos Reis became a mythic synonym of richness, beauty, and quality of life.

That’s why, on arrival, the sensation was – disappointment. Angra is a common town; the marvel is in the sea. So… take a boat and leave. But, if you accept my advice, go a little further, and use Parati as your launching harbor.

​The bay is the same, and the base… be my guest in Parati’s page

Get a friend

Angra dos reis by solopes
In the beach

We didn´t like Angra dos Reis!

And we didn´t like it because we just saw the harbour, had a reasonable lunch, and moved to Parati. 

We know that the highlights of Angra are the islands, that we visited from Parati. And with so many private islands in that paradise, it should look better if you’d get an invitation. So… make a local friend. But with a private island, don’t forget.