Visiting Seattle


To see Visiting Seattle

1st note: I went to Seattle in work.
2nd note: It was autumn
3rd note: I tried to appreciate the city.
4th note: Honestly, I didn’t. Not much.

It is huge. It is developed. It is organized. But…
It was cold. It was dark. It was sad. 
The so-called attractions are common or expensive. The few interesting (yes, there were some) didn’t pay the jetlag problems. 
Of course, I was working, so nothing to complaint. Maybe a more touristic approach, in another weather conditions would provide a different feeling. Maybe. But with such a large world, and all its beauties, even in the USA, I don’t see myself planning a touristic visit to Seattle. Unless…
I went to Tacoma twice to see its glass museum. Twice I found a closed door. Bad luck. I saw the Glass Bridge and the city’s court, and back to Seattle.

Space Needle

Picture 018 2
Visiting Seattle – Space needle
Visiting Seattle
Visiting Seattle – Needle

A really beautiful structure, a fast elevator, but the best pictures are taken from the ground, and the price you pay to go to the top is exaggerated for what you get there. However, even knowing that, everybody goes to the top, so… we did the same, of course.

Pike Place Market – Disappointed

Pike Place Market
Visiting Seattle – Pike Place Market

The book said that it was one of Seattle highlights, so we had to go there. Maybe it is something odd for the American way of life, but I must confess that I found no distinctive details comparing with dozens of Portuguese markets. Maybe because we arrived late? Maybe because we had excessively high expectations? I don’t know. But what I saw was, for us, rather vulgar.

Phone: +1 206-682-7453

Chihuly’s Boathouse

Picture 032
Visiting Seattle – Chihuly’s boathouse

Visiting Seattle was the way to visit Chihuly’s studio, our goal.

I know that it is not opened to common public.

I know that our visit was a special gentleness, we have no right to expect to be generalized.

However, I wouldn’t make justice to Seattle, omitting this wonderful experience. I only can’t tell where and how. Sorry for that, but Chihuly is a name and… a key.

Visiting Seattle – Chihuly’s boathouse

I don’t know if Chihuly is an Indian or not, but I admired the sensibility he shows about Indian culture.

​His “boathouse”, more than being a cathedral of glass creation, is a carefully displayed collection of indian artifacts, that evidence the pleasure of just holding them.

Pilchuk Glass School

​Bank and Bourbon
Visiting Seattle – Pilchuk

Almost 100 km north of Seattle we visited Pilchuck school. It is one of the most famous glass schools in the world, and more than the professional information we got from their kind director, we had time to appreciate the beauty of the wooden buildings, respectfully integrated in the landscape.

​ A nice place.