A few hours in Pittsburgh


To see Carnegie Natural Science Museum

I will never learn! Sorry, but there’s nothing to do!I will never get acquainted with American scale.

​Having a day in Pittsburgh to visit a school, I used my Portuguese sense of time, size and distance, and optimistically planned a visit to the library… the museum… “I would try to use time as accurately as possible”.

I did! I had the exact time needed to see the facades and front gardens. I don’t give up: One day, I will learn to plan my day in America, I only don’t know when!

Carnegie Library

Picture 146

If…If we had time, the idea was to visit the library, trying to find (and to buy if possible) any good book about glass. If…

We arrived there early (the library was still closed) and time was exactly what we needed to move to Corning. (Where we bought several good books and DVDs).

​I’ll put in my agenda – “Time to Pittsburgh”

Glass manufacturing


My visit to Pittsburgh had two purposes – Carnegie Library and the glass school.

​I was not disappointed, and I suggest that, if you never saw working in glass, try to visit the school.

It is well equipped, they do a nice work, and working in glass is really a tremendous performance, as we also have in Marinha Grande.

Website: Glass center