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We had two memorable meals in the USA: One in San Francisco, that I describe in its page, and this one. Both eating fish, both perfect. After a week eating meat… or meat, we desperately wanted fish, and, walking along the streets, we were searching for a promising fish restaurant.

Philadelphia near Bank and Bourbon
Philadelphia near Bank and Bourbon

This one convinced us, and entering it was our best decision in the whole week. A marvellous space, modern, with perfect illumination and great ambiance, “told” us that we were going to pay for the lunch. That sensation was enhanced by the waiter when after noting my command, he solemnly announced that I had made the perfect choice: I was going to be the last human to eat such delicacy – Chilean sea bass capture had been prohibited, and, for unknown reasons blue crabs were not reproducing anymore, facing extinction.

I had a golden credit card, but, at that moment, it was screaming in my pocket.

Well, lunch was perfect, and the “fat” bill less than a half of what I was already expecting to pay. The funny is that I was so impressed by the strange speech of the waiter that, once at home, I checked Internet, and found… that it was absolutely true.

I don’t know if things are back to normal, with Chilean sea bass back to the American diets and blue crabs respecting their sexual obligation or not, but the pleasure’s memory remains.

Great lunch in Philadelphia!