Eating in Newark

New jersey

I recommend Eating in Newark – Brazilia

Rodízio in Portuguese America
After almost two hours of confused driving (Monroe St against Monroe Rd and Brazilian Grill against Brazilian Restaurant) we finally reached the restaurant that a few days before we had chosen to have diner. It was a perfect Brazilian rodízio, at a price surprisingly moderate. We had a late meal, but it surely worth the effort.

Address: 99 Monroe St

I recommend Valença

Eating in Newark

True Portugal

​In all the places I have been, the discovery of something portuguese doesn’t stop me from knowing how locals deal with our food. I try to find the differences between the original cuisine and the “possible” one, far away, with different ingredients. Nowhere I found the food so authentic as in Valenca, Newark. To complete the scene, Portuguese TV, and costumers talking loud. Yes, that’s Portugal. And it’s good, believe me!

Address: 663 MONROE AVE,ELIZABETH,NJ,07201