Visiting Las Vegas

Ceasar's palace

To see Visiting Las Vegas

With a planned stay of three days, the visit couldn’t include not much more than the top hotels and shows. We visited:

Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas
Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace

Really impressive, the top of luxury and art reproduction, with good taste and imagination.

The pool, the fountains, the shopping mall, everything is top class.

However, my dear Americans, the Trojan horse in Rome?

Address: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas
Ceasar’s Palace – Las Vegas

Atlantis Water Show

Imagine a colourful fountain surrounded by music. Suddenly the stone figures give place to living people, and a small theatre is performed in the fountain, with lots of special effects.

After the climax, the actors are replaced by the statues and the soft music recovers its place.

It’s american show business. It’s Vegas. IT’S FREE in Ceasar’s Palace.

Address: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South


Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountains

I must confess that now, from the distance, I don’t remember much from the interior of Bellagio. I remember the astonishing work of Dale Chihuly in the roof of the lobby, with thousands of glass flowers, and… No! We were already too tired to appreciate it.

My memories of Bellagio rely in the dancing fountains. A delicate, and somehow refreshing performance in the heat of the afternoon.

Address: 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Flamingo Hilton

Las Vegas

I looked at the flamingos and thought: – They must be suffering under these 42 degrees Celsius in the shade. Then I looked further and saw… the penguins!

Well done dolls, I thought! But… they were moving. They were real. Looking closer, the inevitable: all the lake and rocks were refrigerated.

Indeed, the real animals give life to a well-conceived garden, surrounding the several pools, to provide a pleasant stay.

Address: 3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Directions: The Flamingo is located on the East side of Las Vegas Blvd., between Barbary Coast & Imperial Palace.

The Venetian Hotel

Las Vegas


What an extraordinary ambiance! Venice itself couldn’t do better.

The quality of the animation and the live music, leave me no doubt. This is my favourite hotel in Las Vegas.

Besides, this is the only hotel where I don’t remember the slot machines. Of course, they were there, thousands of them everywhere, but… vanished from my memories. And what a good sign that is!

Address: 3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Visiting Las Vegas
Visiting Las Vegas – Venetian

I’ve been in Venice and in the Venetian, and I didn’t take a gondola in any of them.

As a matter of fact, it is beautiful in the movies and pictures, but it is expensive, and it’s far to be a good way to see the city. If I had to, I think I would choose Venetian, for all the reasons:

• It’s cheaper – $16 per hour in Venetian, 80€ per 40 minutes in Venice

• It’s more comfortable – there’s no rain or wind inside Venetian.

• There’s no extra payment for music

• It’s better for the inevitable picture – there are no degraded facades in background, and with a good flash the colours will glow in Venetian

Of course, Venice is unique, and no hotel or imitation will come closer. But gondolas are now a show for tourists, and that is possible everywhere.

Las Vegas

Romantic Animation

If you need to spend money, then go and search for a show – there are dozens everywhere, all with great names. But if you only want to listen to good live music, save your dollars.

​The animation in Venetian, has a superb performance of Italian music, with such a good ambiance, that I asked myself how someone could turn his back to that, and go… gambling

Aladdin Hotel, now Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas


Would it be because we were tired?

Would it be because the mixture between Arabic and Indian look didn’t work well?

I don’t know, but Aladdin was, for us, the least appealing of all the big hotels. Anyway, it also justified the time, and the performed storm seemed real.

Address: 3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Directions: Center Strip next to Paris-Las Vegas and across from the Bellagio

Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas
Fremont Experience

T​echnology and imagination 
It’s something new, the show performed in the ceiling upon Fremont Street.

Discreet publicity to Vegas and the American way of life, mixed with some national symbols, were the themes of the two spots that we saw. But I guess that there’s a reasonable variety for all tastes.

Of course, being in Las Vegas it would be a “crime” loosing that show, that takes place in the street, several times each night and… is free.

Address: Downtown on Fremont Street

​Treasure Island

Las Vegas
Treasure island

Las Vegas is a town that “sleeps” in the heat of the day, by the pools or in the cool gambling rooms, and comes out at night, with the streets crowded of people, seeing the lights and enjoying the less warm breeze of the night. Each hotel, each corner, each club try to grab visitors, by all means, the most attractive of all being the outdoor live show. The best of all is the battle at Treasure Island. Difficult to see properly, because there is always a crowd around it (it’s free!) it’s funny, well-conceived, mixing technology, music, dance, special effects, and… imagination. Easy to locate (Treasure Island hotel), you may check locally the scheduling of the performances.

Directions: Walk over the strip and you will end up some place you like.

​Lights kaleidoscope

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

You don’t need an objective. You don’t need a reason.

The strip, at night, is a lively show, with, lights, sounds, and lots of people, just wandering around, looking like looking for something to look at.

​Confused? No, the kaleidoscopes have those confusing repetitions…The strip is a giant vacuum cleaner, with music, shows and touts sucking you inside… anything!

Directions: Walk over the strip and you will end up some place you like.

​Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

This was off MY path!

I really can’t say if it is worth a visit or not because we were so tired when we arrived there that, having not this hotel highlighted in our guide … we skipped it.

Well, there’s always a second time, and Luxor, Stratosphere, and… Monte Carlo may have its turn.