Eating in Saint Louis

Eating saint louis

Eating in Saint Louis

Positive impression Morgan – ​Typical American

Eating in Saint Louis
Eating in Morgan, Saint Louis

American popular cuisine has two dishes: Ketchup or Mayonnaise, each one of them served with a pile of food.

I like to know the real taste of food, so, I always refuse ketchup or mayonnaise. And, for the total disaster, beer is my last solution (well, not exactly, the real last one is Coca-Cola).

​That left me with the pile of food, and wine. But… no complaint! The food was acceptable (even without the disguise of the dressings), the wine was good, and the prices as expected.

I recommend Hannegans – Best experience in Laclede’s Landing

After an experience at Morgan, I tried, to change, its neighbor, also in the sidewalk. I had (and keep) the idea that the American don’t cook, they just pile food, and flavor it with a couple of standardized dressings.

So, the dishes change their names and the nature of the piled food, but, at the end, everything tastes at the same: the chosen dressing. Generally, I refuse additional dressings and risk to taste the food exactly as it was cooked.

​Exceptionally, both experiences in Laclede’s Landing were positive, without being memorable. The food was good and not to pricey.

I recommend Seki – First japanese

Saint Louis
Saint Louis

It’s a shame, but this was my first Japanese experience. We went there by incident. We were there, it was lunch time, and… why not? I was surprised for the enthusiastic references I read about it afterwards. This must be a special restaurant, and my writings don’t mean that I didn’t appreciate it. But, being the first Japanese experience I have no references to compare. The service was kind and efficient, the food was tasty, but I must confess that the embarrass of using chop sticks (not the first time, but with Chinese I always use to demand fork and knife) prevented me from a detailed appreciation. To be honest, I would have no problem to live in Japan, but the dominant final flavour is something that I could spare, so, for now, I will keep not rushing to Japanese restaurants. I repeated the experience in Portugal – Seki was better, but I still prefer the best food in the world – Portuguese. I repeated it again in Portugal: Japanese may be better than in Seki.

Positive impression Carmine – ​Almost there


Tired of eating fast food, I entered this restaurant hoping that it would provide a more conventional food.

It did, but not much.

The menu was short, and my choice was… of course, I forgot.

​I remember that the wine was the worst that we drunk in Saint Louis, and most probably, not from the brand we ordered (how can that happen in USA?).