Memories of Los Angeles

Memories of Los Angeles

Personal memories Memories of Los Angeles – Freezing August

We arrived at Santa Monica in the afternoon of August the 4th, thinking on parking and swimming immediately.

Well, well, well.

​Ninety per cent of our winter is not so cold. Never mind, I’ll do it tomorrow in Venice. But what can we do in a chilly and empty beach? Take an ashamed photo, and move. Let’s go.

​Malibu – Disappointment

Memories of Los Angeles
Memories of Los Angeles – Malibu

For who comes from Portugal, Malibu is a reference, like some kind of paradise in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

I must confess that I’ve not been in Malibu, I just passed there, so, I kept only a superficial impression, but, maybe because I was coming from the excellent surprise of Santa Barbara, Malibu was a disappointment.

​I know… I know… It’s the risk of first impressions! But, for now, it’s all that I’ve got.