Driving along Big Sur

Big Sur

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Driving along Big Sur
Driving along Big Sur

For those who live the rushes of big towns, camping in this wild nature must feel like living in Paradise. 

However, I live in a very small town, and have tranquility all year around, so I just passed along the coast, enjoying the views and some visible wildlife. 

​Though we were prepared to swim, the weather, in August, didn’t invite us to take off our pulls (to be entirely honest… sometimes… anoraks)

17 Mile drive


17 mile drive” seems to be a neighbourhood of rich people wanting to live in peace.

So, at the entrance they charge you $8.50 trying to keep you away. Respect them and save your money. The landscape is pleasant, the buildings are discreet and elegant, golf is seen everywhere, but… why pay for it?

​Bypass it, and head to the Big Sur where the beauty still stands and is free.” We all have contradictions – I wrote it in my intro text, but, having read so many controversial opinions I had to go there, as you probably will. And… it’s interesting, despite the price.