Visiting Valladolid


To see Visiting Valladolid – A simple city

We made a stop for lunch, and… it was all. However, we didn’t miss much in Valladolid – a simple small city, with a central garden surrounded by the church, public buildings and… our restaurant.

City center

Visiting Valladolid

This calm city, displayed around a central garden bordered by the church and some typical buildings, was a good opportunity to start living real Mexico, after a week in the artificial paradise of Cancun.

Rosaldo garden


The centre of town is occupied by a square garden, surrounded by the most important buildings.

​Though not outstanding, the general look is harmonious and suggests tranquility.

Dzitnup cenote

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In Yucatan water flows quickly to a low level, being accessible through big holes called “cenotes”. 

We visited this one, a big cave with a natural pool inside. 

It was cool, and no one risked a swim, but there was someone doing it.