Useful advise in Kukulkan


Warnings or dangers Advise in Kukulkan – Think about the descent

Advise in Kukulkan
Advise in Kukulkan pyramid

It’s a temptation, climbing to the pyramid of Kukulkan! 

However, you may be warned that, once in the top, everything changes: the steps are narrow and steep. 

Once up there, you turn back, and before a deep breath with the clouds giving the sensation that you are in a bouncing platform, it will seem that the steps… were gone, replaced by a long and extremely steep ramp. 

The risk is not big, and a current in the middle of the stairs help the most frightened and sensible to vertigo. But… you’d better be warned!

Note: This warning may be useful in other Mayan pyramids, as we verified in Uxmal.