A lovely trip into Yucatan


Personal memories Rio Lagartos in Yucatan

It’s a little far, about 150 KM from Cancun, but it’s something I would recommend. 

Not only you will see the beauty of hundreds of flamingos flying over the waters, but you will face a sanctuary of wildlife and marvelous sights. And it will be easy to add the visit to the mandatory trip to Chichen Itza.


Uxmal in Yucatan
Merida – Yucatan

It is not a “must see”, but the capital of Yucatan deserves a visit.

​Furthermore, Mérida is a good place to stay while visiting Uxmal or Dzibilchaltun.


Uxmal in Yucatan

It is a very long trip, but Uxmal surely deserves to be done – the ruins, the jungle, the ambiance is something that I will never forget. 

It is possible to do it in a single day, but it will be a very hard day, so I suggest a overnight trip.

Details of the site may be seen in my Uxmal page.

​Dolphin Promises 

Cancun waiting for dolphins

When we arrived we were told that, in the early morning it was common to see some dolphins near the hotel. 

Jet-lag made me awake around 4 AM in the first days, and I took advantage of it to go and see the sunrise, waiting for the dolphins.

​They never showed up, and the only consolation I had was being the first to dive in the pool, on a marvelous 6 AM swim.

Live music

Folk dances in Cancun

One thing that I appreciated in Mexico was the presence of music and dancing everywhere. Of course we were tourists, in the touristy circuits, and music is something easy to sell to tourists, but, I think that it’s possible to feel the difference between dancing for commercial purposes and dancing with pleasure, even in a professional context.
I felt it in Mexico, real pleasure in the permanent music and dancing, and a high level of quality.
The shows in our Hotel, Krystal, were really great.