Useful in Cancun


Warnings or dangers Useful in Cancun

Best Beach Hotel Zone

It’s useful in Cancun to know that there are lots of excellent hotels in the 20 Km long line of sand that gave notoriety to Cancun, but I was told that, in same sections of it, the sea could become treacherous.

Krystal hotel had the advantage of being in one of the safest areas of the beach, and being safe, keeping the waves that make all the difference between pool and sea.


Time Sharing

Useful in Cancun

Kept the slabs 
Upon arrival they offered to each one of us a slab with traditional motifs, with the only obligation to spend some minutes in a “information meeting”.

We had an unexpected dose of time sharing promotion, with all the common show, of periodical clapping hands, proving that we were the only “silly people resisting to the offered marvels”.

We did resist, and after not more than one hour, we left, with four slabs that fit very well in a small wall of my garden. I don’t know if they keep on selling time sharing, but, if the rhythm of the clapping hands was half true, they had time to sell 50 hotels since then.

Krystal timeshare

Lagoon – not to swim

Useful in Cancun

Don’t count on a quiet water to swim in the lagoon side.

​It’s useful in Cancun to know that there’s no beach on that side, and it is used only for sports and fishing.

Beach is only in the ocean side, and I suggest that you choose carefully your hotel, since the sea along the sand stripe doesn’t “behave” always in the same way, and some sections are dangerous.

​Not at noon ​

Useful in Cancun

The greatest menace that we faced in Mexico, more than malaria, dengue or “Montezuma’s revenge”, was… the sun.

It is really strong, and though taking all the recommended precautions, we all got more burnt than desired.

Control well your time to swim.