A week in Runaway bay

Runaway bay

To see ​I spent a week in Runaway Bay.At least, that was the location mentioned in the advertising of our hotel.

As a matter of fact we saw nothing of Runaway Bay, if that village exists.

That’s a problem of this policy of resorts – hotel isolated in Runaway bay, hotel in Negril 42 Km from Negril…

Anyway, let’s describe what we saw.

Dolphin’s cove

Runaway bay

We didn’t go there, but they tried hard to convince everybody, joining the hotel animation in a few moments of great fun.

We believe that this cove is really a nice spot, but we have seen similar places, we had no children insisting we us… something has to be left behind!

Glistening waters


It’s a strange and pleasant sensation, swimming in dark water, that, with our movements brights with a strong green color.

The reason is an algae that, when agitated, becomes luminescent.

The short ride for the nearby port, even with the courtesy drink is expensive – US $20.