Grand Bahia Principe

Grand Bahia Principe

I recommend ​Spanish domain

A great, nice and modern hotel is ruled under Spanish touristy style (by Spanish people?).

This means very professionally, with all the tricks and details to keep costumers busy and amused. No surprise that Spanish (and Portuguese) tourist prevailed.

It was my first all-inclusive experience, and… I liked it.

A network of bars

Grand Bahia Principe

The all-inclusive package meant that 90% of the people we saw in the beaches and pools were carrying… a glass with a colored drink.

In both sides of the biggest beach, in the pools, in the lobby, everywhere, with or without music, with or without rum, the rule was… to drink.

Restaurants for all tastes

Grand Bahia Principe

Trying to introduce variety in a all-inclusive week, the hotel has several restaurants “officially” with different cuisines.

​Well, they were not so different – different rooms and ambiances but basically the same food, with a small detail of a more elaborated dish.

Anyway, it works, and people discuss the restaurants, as if they were really too different.

Hotel’s animation: For all ages

Grand Bahia Principe

In the secluded universe of an all-inclusive resort, what do we do at night?

– Have fun!

This means, kids and adults shows, dancing, gaming, and, of course, finish the “work” started during the day – drink.

The recipe is the common Spanish one, but it works in Jamaica as it does in Torremolinos or Marbella, and the time passes without a chance to feel bored.

Daily sports

Grand Bahia Principe

They tried hard in the hotel to gather guests in sportive events, but the strong sun didn’t advice to sweat.

Gymnastic in the pool, and the small boats were the exception, in a wide offer.

Municipal theater restaurant

Generally, the hotels are the most expensive places to shop, but in Jamaica I’m not so sure of that.

We checked some prices with external shops, and the differences were small. Of course, we didn’t try the local circuit, and had no idea of the “real” prices.