Eat and sleep in Negril

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Eat and sleep in Negril

Positive impression Margaritaville – Lively place

Eat and sleep in Negril
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Following the standards of other succeeded investments, this restaurant right on the beach seems to be the place where everything happens. 

The food is not remarkable, the service… well, was it there a real service?

Noise, TV in each corner, and a fabulous sea at your feet. Who dares to complaint?
We were in an all-inclusive package, and had no idea of the prices, except the wine – good and very expensive.

I recommned Rick’s – In the mood

Rick's cafe
Rick’s cafe

Well… In Rick’s I saw no one eating more than sandwiches, but I saw hundreds drinking (and diving in the sea, or in the pool).

For sure, this is not a place for a formal meal, but it is the most animated place for a snack or drink, shared with the crowds.

Hotel7 Blue Cave Castle

Eat and sleep in Negril – Hotel

We didn’t stay in this hotel; we didn’t even enter it, but watching from the sea it is the most impressive building, with a great location by the water, near Rick’s cafe, but far from the sandy beaches.

A place to consider, if, one day, I have to stay in Negril.

Address: Lighthouse Road, Negril, Parish of Westmoreland