Driving along Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Cabo de Santo Agostinho

To see The long coast of Brazil has everything, from very touristy places to wild beaches.

​Putting the purity of nature together with some comfort built by men is a balance hard to reach.

Cabo de Santo Agostinho is one of those places, with several beautiful beaches mainly used by locals but already with some facilities, and always with Nature present and dominating.

The merry widow

Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Latin widows wear black. Well… most of the time.

In Cabo de Santo Agostinho, a widow was so sad with her husband’s death, that she decided to use his favorite color. And not only in her clothes: she even repainted their house in the same color.

​Looking at the picture you have to agree: such a sad story!

The Beautiful Calhetas

Cabo de Santo Agostinho

One of the most charming beaches that we saw in Pernambuco is surely Calhetas.

A very small beach, with difficult access, is dominated by a bar (Bar do Artur) that you have to cross to reach the beach. It’s a place for friendly meetings and parties, as the walls in the bar clearly testify.


Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Opposite to Suape, Gaibu, in the northern side of the Cape of Santo Agostinho, is a large beach with only a hotel and lots of private houses.

It seems another beach for locals, until massive tourism dictates another law!


Easy Walking

One more beach: We just passed there… not ugly… not spectacular… a steep access…

Well, one more good place (and probably affordable) to rest in natural environment.