“Seu” Roberto


Transports ​”Seu” Roberto

A friend introduced me to a taxi driver that uses to work for him, and is a trusty person. “Seu” Roberto, more than an excellent professional was a friend, a guide, and a bodyguard. Always charging much less than the table in display at my hotel’s lounge, he took us everywhere, suggesting sights, stops, restaurants, patiently waiting all the time we wanted and watching our security. 

Roberto 1

Respectful and kind, he quickly became more than a good professional, a trusty friend.

We used his taxi to… everything! It was his idea taking us to Igarassu, that we would miss without his support. He also checked the tide hour, to suggest trip scheduling. Absolutely perfect. 

​My best tip about Recife will surely be: don’t hesitate – phone Roberto, and if you tell him that it was Avelino’s suggestion you’ll get a prompt smile.

Phone: +558 191 020 402