Eating in Recife


Eating in Recife

I recommend ​Bargaço

Excellent for fish
To our first dinner in Recife, Fernanda wanted fish, so Roberto took us to this restaurant.It’s a top restaurant in Recife, and you eat and pay accordingly.

Good fish dinner!

Favorite Dish: Grilled fish
Robalo no Pacote

Address: Av. Boa Viagem, 670

Positive impression Fogo de Brasa (now Galetus, it seems…)


Guided Meal

This restaurant, where we went because it stays at walking distance from the hotel, was a good surprise: good food, the cheapest “Rodizio” we entered, with a funny detail: when sitting, they gave us a card with the description of all the fish and meat qualities they were going to grill, with drawings mapping the zone of the animal from where they cut all different pieces of meat.

The only negative point is that I choose a wrong wine – my fault.

Positive impression Jardins bar

Brasil 076
Eating in Recife – Jardins bar

Good diner by mistake
It announces sushi and italian food, but I always prefer local food.

Despite going there by mistake, searching for live “forró”, I had a good dinner, but… the most expensive in the whole week.

Favorite Dish: Tournedó with mushrooms.

We thought it had live music, but the promoted artist was… a disk-jockey.

​Somewhat frustrating, but it allowed us to verify that it is a selected place, where, when we left, the ratio women-men should be 3 to 1. Maybe later, they got the draw…

Dress Code: Casual
Address: Av. Domingos Ferreira, 2045 – Boa Viagem
Phone: 3326.8080

I recommend Boi e Brasa


Top Grill

This was the best “Rodizio” we visited in Recife.

The food is excellent, and the service very gentle. The prices are high, as expected, but not too exaggerated.

Favorite Dish: Rodizio

Address: Avenida Boa Viagem, 97

Positive impression Ponteio

Eating in Recife – Ponteio


Staying close to “Feirinha”, in our way from the hotel, it was a good solution for our dinner in our day in Feirinha.

A good “Rodizio” with the same device as Boi Preto: a small wheel on the table that you turn to green when you want to be served, and to red when you want them to make a brake or stop. And it works.

The food was good, the price as expected.

Address: Av. Boa Viagem, 4824, Boa Viagem

Positive impression Cicero and Suely

Dulcimer in Philadelphia​

Eating in the Beach

If you are at the beach and want to stay, there’s no reason to leave it to eat.

Everywhere you see people cooking in the beach, preparing some dishes they will bring straight to your chair, in a small table.

If you don’t want a formal meal, then the choice grows, because there is a “swarm” of sellers of… everything, from soup to desert, passing by you and offering their products. In front of our hotel, Cicero was the supplier of umbrellas and chairs, and Suely the cooker. We had a good fried fish in the beach. Another meal has been “Carne de Sol”, a dried meat a lit bit salted.

And this is, really, the cheapest way to eat.

Favorite Dish: Fried Fish