Visiting Porto Galinhas

P galinhas

To see Visiting Porto Galinhas

Porto Galinhas is the most “Portuguese” beach that I saw in Pernambuco!

​I mean “Portuguese” not only because half of the visitors seem to be Portuguese, but because the structure of the village, its commerce and ambience, are closer to our uses than everywhere else

​The beach

Porto de galinhas by solopes
Porto de galinhas

The long and wide beach is a good place to swim.

​With small surf (or almost none), the waters are shallow and hot.

The protection of the reef may cause some algae concentration but with no risk, and not generalised.

​Natural Pools

Porto Galinhas

The top attraction in Porto de Galinhas are the natural pools in the reef. It is, for sure an interesting trip, but not a good idea to have a bath.

​The “pool” is small, with a crowd in it, lots of fish, and food, and… some dirt.

The best is the fun with the fish around you, and the silhouettes of the several “jangadas” circling it. It is a short ride, cheap and quick, but the same program in Maragogi is more impressive.

​Jangada Ballet

Porto Galinhas

Everybody goes to the natural pool (that’s the main attraction of Porto das Galinhas).

However, even if you decide to stay in the beach, the departure of all the “jangada”, when the tide comes, compose a quiet and beautiful ballet, in contrast with the excitement of the tourists on the way.

​Muro Alto

Belmond hotel cataratas

A good swim in a calm natural pool, but, I must confess, that if it wasn’t the presence of two of the best resorts (my travel agent and friend told me), this beach wouldn’t convince me.

To lay in a hot soup is not everything!