Brief ideas

Porto galinhas

Personal memories A Touristy Village

Brief ideas

With excellent beaches in Pernambuco, I was surprised in most of the visited places by the absence of the usual commercial stalls.

As a matter of fact, everything is sold in the beaches, but Porto de Galinhas was the only place where, walking in the streets, I felt that tourism is the main activity in town.

Small shops line the streets, and, maybe, that’s connected (origin or consequence?) with the high Portuguese preference.

​Feed the fish

Brief ideas

In Maragogi, the guys that make underwater photos of the tourists deny that they feed the fish – they say it’s forbidden, but the way the fishes surround them in particular, denounces that hidden practice.

In Porto Galinhas, the boat men take fish food to divide with their customers, and feeding fish is assumed as one of the best amusements.

Specially Fernanda, who couldn’t stop laughing with fish tickling her hand.



The short trip to the reef and its pools is made with a raft using a small sail almost as decoration, since most of the way is made with the sailor pushing a paddle against the reef.

Asking him if it wouldn’t damage the reef, the answer was “No”, of course, but I was not too convinced.