Nature in Porto Galinhas

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Useful64 The path of the shades

The sun is severe, the mandatory stay in the pools will burn a little more our clear skin, and all the resources are useful to extend protection as far as possible.

The empty umbrellas spreading close to the water compose a precious path barefoot to and from the sea, and allow funny perspectives of the beach.

Porto Galinhas
Nature in Porto Galinhas 8

Porto Galinhas
Nature in Porto Galinhas 9

​Ecosystem Protecting

Porto Galinhas
Nature in Porto Galinhas 10

Personal memories In Maragogi and Itamaracá it was easy to notice the many precautions took to protect the reef and its life.

​In Porto de Galinhas no special warning was made.

Maybe because everything happens in a single hole, in a secluded area, where the fish seem domesticated, such is the tranquility they show eating from people’s hands, the visual control is easier, and the risk of damage more confined.

Searching for open waters

Nature in Porto Galinhas 11

Personal memories Those (like me) that love open waters with good surf, after a brief appreciation of the calm behind the reefs may feel the nostalgia of waves and try to go further to open sea.

Its dangerous. Walking on the reef it’s possible, but its ocean face is 15 meters deep, and with the waves striking it would be a foolish idea.

​But… what a pity!