Memories of Itamaracá


Memories of Itamaracá

Personal memories Singers in the beach

It’s the only commercial group that may become annoying in the beaches, with their insistence to offer a not requested service. They stand beside you, sing some humorist and sympathetic words, and if you say something or only smile, be prepared to pay.

Memories of Itamaracá - Singers
Memories of Itamaracá – Singers

The first couple, in Olinda, amused me (payed R10) the second (I don’t remember where) was dispatched with R2 just before starting. For the other I found an effective trick: when they were approaching I moved a little away from Fernanda. They know that a separated couple is not a good customer and went to try elsewhere…

It worked in Itamaracá.

​Miss wet t-shirt


We laughed with Fernanda’s look, coming out of the water with a transparent t-shirt.

However, after the sun burning in Maragogi, it was the best solution, and that’s an advice: beware with the sun in the tropics – wet or not, the t-shirt works fine.