Vila Galé Salvador

Ruins of Dzibilchaltun
Vila Galé Salvador

I recommend I left Portugal with the feeling that I did not book a hotel at the most convenient place, but the fact that my friends stayed there prevailed. It was confirmed that the hotel will not be in the best area for those who want to do the beach, but with the program I designed, it fully met our expectations and needs.

It is a Portuguese hotel, and it does well the promotion of Portugal.

Good breakfast, and despite having planned to try different restaurants for dinner, fatigue and the fact that Fernanda did not eat at night, made me stay by the hotel, and to dine there. Always with pleasure, especially when the buffet included a cod Gomes de Sá style, likely to earn praise in Portugal.

In the negative side, lunch on the last day, when I had half an hour to have lunch, I asked for the fastest dish warning of my haste, and I spent half an hour waiting.