Useful in Maragogi


Useful64 Useful in Maragogi – the integrated service

As long as we arrive at the beach, a restaurant offers its services, covering everything.

​You may, as we did, reserve your table to lunch in your way back from the pools, choose the menu to have the food ready as soon as you come, and get a ticket to the catamaran operated by the same organization. 

There are other options, but this was perfect: No hurries, no stress, no doubts, no wasted time… that’s real vacation.

Address: Frutos do Mar – Maragogi

​Underwater photos

Useful in Maragogi
Useful in Maragogi – Underwater photos

Be prepared

Taking home the underwater photos that you couldn’t take by yourself is funny, but I must alert that the quality is poor (I publish the best, after retouching them in my PC) and the price is high. 

Anyway, they allow us to watch the CD in place, and that’s a guarantee you must use before paying for it.


Les Voutes du Cavour
Useful in Maragogi – Catamaran

The top attraction of Maragogi is the reef with the natural pools, that, opposite to some other places in the area, stay quite far from the coast.

​Differently from Porto Galinhas, the mainly used transport is a catamaran, easy to book in the beach. 

It costs R75 per person (oh, the inflation! I paid only 30), and provides a quick transportation to the pools, where it stays, waiting for the return and providing some assistance, with small but useful shadow.