Eating in Maragogi

Frutos do mar

Eating in Maragogi

Top restaurant Frutos do Mar – Tons of lobsters

Eating in Maragogi
Eating in Maragogi – Lobsters

Would you believe that in Maragogi we paid for four lobsters less than in some other restaurants, even in Brazil, for a common meal? 

The integrated service of Frutos do Mar was perfect, except for one single detail: no wine. 

Favorite Dish: Lobster, of course.

Positive impression Floating Stalls


Eating on the reef

It’s a funny show, the image of people dipped in water, several kilometres far from the coast, surrounding a couple of floating bars that supply anything from grilled meat and fish to fruit and drinks. 

Of course, everybody adheres to the party.

Directions: Here and there, around the natural pools