Bahamas memories

Pool Bahamas

I recommend ​Good hospitality in Bahamas

We spent only one day in the islands flying from Miami and returning in the same day. The driver of the minivan that we hired for the day took us to this hotel and told us that we could use all facilities as if we were guests. We did! We used the pool, the beach, and only paid for a snack in the pool’s bar.
Would you believe?
I don’t know the conditions and prices, but if I had to sleep in Bahamas this should be my first option.

Personal memories One day in Nassau


My brief visit to this country was… excellent.

The first impression was the contrast between the expected american way of life, and the british colonial look of the reality (even driving in the left hand). 

A taxi circuit along the island made me feel in Africa, and that was a fabulous sensation. 

“America” was in the other side, in Paradise Island, that artificial Eden finally matching my expectations.