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Amalfi – The best stop in a good trip


To see Amalfi

If sunbathing is your purpose, than you have hundreds of better beaches, even in Italy, but, if you want to spend some time in a heavenly and lively place (and can afford it), than this is really for you.

​Narrow beaches in the slopes plunging in the sea, provide maybe the best natural views of Italy.

It’s impossible to make bad phots in this coast. The landscape is gorgeous, the sun shines all the time, so this is the right place to win the pleasure of taking photos

Amalfitan Coast


Capital of “beach tourism” in Italy, this is, really, a very beautiful region.

The beaches are small, but the views are great. And also the prices, and that’s the problem.

​Amalfi and its coast are, really, a selected place to selected people.

The Church

Amalfi - The best stop in a good trip

Dating from the XIX century but several times reconstructed and adapted, the cathedral of St. Andre shows an oriental look, with evidence to the Paradise Cloister built in the XIII century.

The kids followed me in, but, to be honest, Fernanda preferred to walk along the streets Genoa and Capuano, because they… you know, so we had to rush.

​A curious question: People visiting Amalfi do really care about churches?

Address: Via Duca Mansone I,

Reality vs Imagination


When I decided to travel along the Amalfitan coast, I was expecting to see some of the most beautiful beaches of Italy. Well, “beaches” is not the exact word to describe what I saw. There are a few small banks of sand stretched in the hills, but calling them beaches is… a favor. It’s possible to swim, the water seems very calm (I don’t imagine the temperature) and the sights are… awesome.

​If you take your yacht, that’s a fabulous destination. I “forgot” mine, and by the road, I only caught a good collection of good views.

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