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To see Amadora – Historically ugly

When I moved to Lisbon Amadora was a big village near the city, housing some of those who needed to live near Lisbon, unable to afford its costs.

Hard migration to the main cities transformed those villages, some of them absorbed by the big city, some other growing separately but always in a straight dependence.

That is the case of this city, that grew without any reasonable planning, composing today one of the
ugliest cities of Portugal.

One of the ugliest but also one of the biggest, being today the 4th in terms of population. Reason to visit? Well, some activities overflew Lisbon to the outskirts, and Amadora is just there. Furthermore, the almost 200.000 people living there are getting some attention from the authorities, and something has been done to make it more attractive.

Aprígio Gomes house


Built in 1903, this house famous for having a astronomic lunette, was restored and transformed in the local Museum of living Science.

​The house belonged to José Aprígio Gomes, a rich and active man in the old days of the small and poor Amadora.

Roque Gameiro House


Church “Jesus Cristo dos Santos do Último Dia” (uff…)


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