Visiting Almada

No, it is not a touristy destination, but a residential area for many people working between Lisbon and Setúbal, but it has a special point , the Christ Redeemer, and the sights over Lisbon are fabulous.

​​Christ Redeemer

Almada - Facing Lisbon
Christ Redeemer – Facing Lisbon

​Copied from the original Brazilian version in the middle of the 20th century, the statue stands discreetly and harmoniously in the horizon, when seen from Lisbon, and it is a fabulous balcony for a general look over Lisbon.  Crossing the river is today, a quick ride (if you are not in rush hours…), and there’s a train crossing.

Website: Cristo-Rei

Positive impression Tasquinha dos Ramos

Tasquinha dos Ramos
Tasquinha dos Ramos

We were five people in Almada, two of them needing to have dinner in a short time. We chose this restaurant due to the distance and the positive reviews on Google.

It is a simple restaurant, with a sober but careful aspect, providing a menu of traditional Portuguese food dominated by grills. That was our option, and the service was satisfactory, although, strangely, the dishes chosen by the hurry, for having been indicated as the fastest, were the last to arrive.

Nothing serious, we met deadlines at the limit, and as there was no time for dessert, the bill was small.

It is a nice restaurant, where it doesn’t cost me to return, but that doesn’t justify a big detour.

Facebook: Tasquinha dos Ramos

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