Alfeizerão – one of the 2 best


Visiting Alfeizerão

In ancient times, Alfeizerão was a settlement on the coast of the immense bay of São Martinho do Porto. The silting of the bay made the sea recede, leaving an extensive plain that, as the salt was being eliminated, was used for agriculture.
Today, on a small forested hill of the village, two kilometers from the sea, are still visible the rings where once the ships were attached.
With a discreet image and life, the village gained some visibility in the country thanks to the special confection of a much appreciated cake – the famous “pão-de-ló”.

Main church

Visiting Alfeizerão

Dating from the end of the 14th century, this temple suffered several modifications, only keeping today its Rococo façade. The earthquake of 1755 ruined it, and only recently it was recovered, but losing its gilded decoration.

Santo Amaro chapel

Visiting Alfeizerão
S. Amaro chapel


Visiting Alfeizerão
Turquel copy
Alfeizerão - one of the 2 best

All the villages are proud of their pillories (if they have one). They try to be all different, but sometimes they are very similar, as it happen with this and the one of Turquel.

Shopping The best Pão de ló (?)


Everywhere you go in Portugal you will find the best… something. In Alfeizerão you may taste the best “pão-de-ló”, a traditional cake with eggs. It’s good, really, but don’t dare to mention it in Ovar, where they “surely” make the best… that!

Pão de ló de Alfeizerão 1

​Well, it is only the mandatory regional competition north-south, each one of the places having “the best” in their areas.

To be honest, I can find no noticeable difference between them (Shut up – the best is, of course, the one that you taste), the real difference is that Ovar is a city with many activities, where the cake is just one more detail, while this is “THE” village of Pão-de-ló.

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