Visiting Águeda


To see Visiting Águeda

The church

Visiting Águeda
Visiting Águeda – church
Águeda church

With historical records since the 14th century, this appreciated church in the centre of Águeda has undergone several adaptations and restorations to this day.

?gueda 6
Águeda church 3

For peace


An original and fun way to make art with war machines.

Saint Sebastian

St. Sebastian

Small baroque chapel right in the center of town.

Duke of Agueda

Duke of Águeda

The small and pleasant garden around the tribute to the Duke of Águeda, also did not escape the creativity of AgitÁgueda.


Original Festivities -Águeda
Águeda 1
?gueda 2
Águeda 2

In a very industrial city, an imaginative new tradition grew up – the use of umbrellas as the subject of colorful decorations. The party has already established itself, and annually attracts thousands of visitors.

With several artistic initiatives, AgitÁgueda usually takes place in July and lasts about 3 weeks.

Águeda 3

Águeda by boat

?gueda 5
Águeda 5

I don’t know if existing regularly, or just being part of the AgitÁgueda activities, the best thing for the children was a ride in an exotic but safe boat.

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