To see Aguadulce – Nice beach

​In the drier and hotter área of Spain, this beach always represented in my mind a true oásis in that desert.

Well. it is!

​A reasonable beach, surrounded by wild mountains, a perfect place for those who like to survive in extreme hot.



I thought that this beach was… the best beach around Almeria.

Was I wrong? Yes!

​I spent a week in Roquetas de Mar, and it was great!

However, this one still seems the most beautiful of them!

Doubtful impression La Bohemia – Lively place

La Bohemia

I only stopped there because my wife needed to use toilet, but I had a few minutes to drink a “tinto de verano”. I noticed that this is a lively place, with a dancing space and loud music, promising a warm and lively night.

​Well… I was there in the afternoon…

Address: Paseo de las Acacias, Aguadulce

Positive impression Portomagno Hotel
Good location


I was only passing by, but tried to have an idea of the place, and to find a hotel to choose, if one day (possible!), I decide to select this beach that I didn’t know but I had good references, as a summer destination.This hotel seemed… perfect. Suggesting quality, it has the best location facing the beach.

Of course, price should be high, but it was something to check. I tried, but no matter the chosen dates and the booking site, I only got the answer “Esgotado”.

​Good sign, but… not for this year.

Address: Paseo Maritimo