Agadir – 7 excellent days


Recovering from a violent earthquake, Agadir is a new town, and maybe the best beach of Morocco.
​The waters are warmer than we should expect from the Atlantic Ocean, and the sand stripe is large enough to allow dozens of football games at the same time. And if they play…


Visiting Agadir

Agadir has a very good beach. A wide and long strip of thin white sand, a regular and low surf, no hidden rocks, the only drawback was the persistent fog. 

Is it common, or just our bad luck? Anyway, we didn’t complain, because staying in the beach was safer than under the burning sun. 

Sun tanning was slow, but swimming or playing sports, it was great!



In a modern town, betting in tourism you need diversity to occupy the visitors. 

The city is not very rich in that area but, if you travel with kids, a small and poor zoo near the beach is always a different solution for a less attractive to swim afternoon.

​​Hotel1 Agadir Beach Club – Maybe number one

Agadir 1
Agadir 1

Located on the beach, right beside Club Med, this hotel combines service and entertainment with the perfect location.

Hotels in Agadir
Hotels in Agadir – Beach Club

We had several foggy days, but we only noticed it when exiting to the beach – the pool was always warm and lively.

Good food.

Address: AVE Oued Souss, Secteur Touristique BP3, Secteur T

Price Comparison: more expensive than average

Phone: +212 (0) 48 84 43 43

Price: US$80-120

Hotel2 Royal Mirage Agadir – Good but… inland


We stayed there for only one night, when it was still called Sheraton, and had nothing to complaint. It was a good hotel, with all the facilities, good views over the beach, and close to it. But…

We were coming from Agadir Beach Club, right on the beach, and we felt the difference. I can’t state the price/quality ratio, because we were in a package.

Unique Qualities: The backdoor, with long steps opening close to the beach.
Address: Boulevard Mohammed V, Agadir null
Phone: 212 28843232



Agadir was destroyed by a violent earthquake about 50 years ago. We can see some ruins of the old city, but Agadir is now a modern city. Thus, it is not a great place to see traditional Morocco, only one of the best Moroccan beaches. 

That’s why we spent a week in the beach, and another one travelling in the “old Morocco”, in a perfect combination.

​​Touts in the beach

Agadir warnings
Warnings – Touts

In our first day in Agadir we were contacted in the beach by a nicely speaking guy, inviting us to a “superior” fish lunch in the authenticity of the harbour. 

We accepted, and went with him. Well, the ambiance was real, the lunch, served in very rustic conditions was plentiful, the fish was fresh, but… we payed 3 times its price in the regular restaurants. Only one or two days later I remembered that the price could have been established expecting the usual bargaining, but, in our first day, I forgot it and payed the presented bill, as usual in Europe. 


Football in the beach

The wide beach of Agadir, in the afternoon, looks like a series of soccer fields. Hundreds of youngsters share the large space in a never-ending animated competition. 

The wet sand is hard, making the games look more like the regular soccer than beach football. I think that only in Brazil we saw something alike, but by the beach, and not in it.

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