Rabat by solopes

Africa – 3 countries

Visiting Africa – 3 countries so far

My first time in this continent was a forced stay in Angola. in the mandatory military service. I never went there again. and feel sorry for it.


Visiting Africa
Luanda by by solopes

In those two years I didn’t have great opportunities to travel around, but I caught a reasonable image of the remote north, and a couple of broken bones allowed a few months in the wonderful Luanda.


Rabat by solopes
Rabat by solopes

Ten years later I had another African adventure, this time already with touristy purposes – a visit to the strange and fascinating Morocco. So strange and interesting that I had to return years later, this time already with the boys.


Sinai by solopes
Sinai by solopes

Also twice were the times that we traveled to Egypt. The first time for two weeks, starting with a Nile cruise, and ending with a week in Sharm-el-Sheikh. The second time, wit a large group of my dancing team, for a different stay, again in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

There is still much to see in this continent, but time is getting short, and South Africa, Senegal  or Kenia are becoming further away. However… who knows?