Twice in Morocco


Useful64 ​Tajine

The best in Moroccan cuisine is Tajine – a typical clay device that allows the food to cook slowly, enhancing all the flavours. 

In some restaurants tajine is used in front of customers, sometimes as a stove.

​Rural Life


As everywhere, it’s outside town that you can watch the most authentic way of life in Morocco. 

Some scenes are very appealing, some other… almost repulsive. 

One thing that hits our European look is the way that everything is sold in the roads. Meat hanging in the heat of the afternoon, exposed to dust, and flies, and… Don’t look – you need to keep on eating until the end of the trip! 

Straight ahead there are more interesting things to look at.


Sugar cane

I was not expecting to see sugar cane in what I supposed that it would be only desert, but in the coast, near Rabat there were large sugar cane plantations artificially irrigated. 

A positive surprise, for me, in Moroccan way of life.


Marina Palace

Travelling inland is a good opportunity to see the hard compromise between desert and agriculture. 

Men try to extract all the possible resources from land, but the desert advances, and the dry scenery becomes inevitable as you go south.