Visiting Agadir


To see Visiting Agadir

Recovering from a violent earthquake, Agadir is a new town, and maybe the best beach of Morocco.
​The waters are warmer than we should expect from the Atlantic Ocean, and the sand stripe is large enough to allow dozens of football games at the same time. And if they play…


Visiting Agadir
Visiting Agadir

Agadir has a very good beach. A wide and long strip of thin white sand, a regular and low surf, no hidden rocks, the only drawback was the persistent fog. 

Is it common, or just our bad luck? Anyway, we didn’t complain, because staying in the beach was safer than under the burning sun. 

Sun tanning was slow, but swimming or playing sports, it was great!


Visiting Agadir

In a modern town, betting in tourism you need diversity to occupy the visitors. 

Agadir is not very reach in that area but, if you travel with kids, a small and poor zoo near the beach is always a different solution for a less attractive to swim afternoon.