Visiting Asilah

Asilah by solopes

To see Asilah

I didn’t had a chance to a deep visit of Asilah; we were in a shortage of time, travelling alone, with a wrench open car and didn’t risk to stop, only caught a general idea.
Close to Tangier this old city with a wide beach, keeps well visible the signs of Portuguese occupation. With its white houses, this city should be a good stop, but… I was in a rush.

Empty beach

Visiting Asilah 4

It was quite a surprise for us, the long, wide, sandy beach of Asilah, empty in… September.
Out of tourist circuit? Dangerous currents?
That emptiness couldn’t happen in Portugal!

​​Portuguese Heritage

Visiting Asilah 5

Portuguese heritage is present in most cities in Moroccan coast, but nowhere I had the immediate and strong sensation of… Portuguese work, that I had here, even before entering the city.

The port, the fortress, the houses, everything seemed to breath… Portugal.

Was it a wrong idea, from a quick passing by?