Sharm-el-Sheikh – some warnings


Warnings or dangers To go or not to go to Ras Mohammed National park?

The national park is, officially, the best place to see the reefs, but… will it really be?
Flocks of tourists interact each day with the reef, causing erosion and and damaging the natural balance. They try to relief the pressure, finding other spots, and spreading people. We did, visit a couple of other places with marvelous and unspoilt reefs. Furthermore, Ras Mohammed is, I don’t know why, the only place in southern Sinai where Sharm-el-Sheikh travelers need a Visa. That’s up to you, but…
There´s two ways to visit – by boat, or by land. We heard that by land was better – cheaper, faster, and visiting more diving places. Do check for yourself before booking.

Hard Rock Cafe: Heavy publicity


We live in a fun world!

The most expensive t-shirt that we found in Sharm-el-Sheikh was the one advertising this bar. 


Why would we pay more than for the same shirt with no commercial references?
Shouldn’t it be the opposite?
Shouldn’t they make a discount to the customer that, back home, accepts to keep advertising their business?

We didn’t buy. Of Course!



Public Beach

Three lines of shades form… the public beach.

Even if you don’t want to use the chairs, you have to pay the entrance (10 Egyptian pounds). 

Public? Well, I don’t know the conditions to enter the private ones, but “beach” is not exactly the best in Naama bay

Los Angeles


There are not many beaches in Sharm-el-Sheikh, and the few are not particularly good. 

The so called beaches are generally a line of shades facing the reef, and a jetty to enter the water. That’s what happens in this beach, with the advantages of free parking and short distance from the hotel. We used it a few times.

Address: Hadaba