Action in Sharm-el-Sheikh


To do Action in Sharm-el-Sheikh

Water sports

Not available along the coast of Sharm-el-Sheikh, (the reefs are not a convenient place for them, the usual water sports are largely explored in Naama Bay.

​Fernanda chose a sliding sofa (she noticed that in never turned as happens usually with the banana boat) and… she went, but the newness for me was an individual or double boat, propelled with the feet, prepared to watch the sea, as the bottom glass boats. 

Ingenious, but the problem is that the bottom of the beach where they are available is not as attractive as elsewhere.

Quad bike

Action in Sharm-el-Sheikh
Action in Sharm-el-Sheikh – Quad bike

“You’re crazy… you never touched a quad bike, how do you risk to drive one in the desert?”

There were no reasons to Fernanda’s doubts – the ride is prepared to people of all ages, in all conditions, and it is absolutely safe… And funny!
After spending all day negotiating in the beaches, close to sunset thousands of tourist, in small groups, flock to the edge of the desert, in a cloud of thin dust, with the bike bumping in the irregular soil, but always advancing. It´s a couple of hours to release the adrenaline and laughter.
Prices will go from 17 to 25 €, according to your negotiation skills.

Shisha pipe

Action in Sharm-el-Sheikh – Shisha

… And then, the group stopped, sat, and prepared to a shisha smoke. I don’t smoke, but, being a Roman in Rome, I had to taste it.


It is so awful as all the other tobacco, so I could concentrate in the tea, and laugh with my friends comments.