Cairo – the big capital


To see All visits to Egypt usually start and finish in Cairo. Most of them without leaving it. That’s because Cairo is a large town, with many contrasts and the pyramids just there…
However, we made a different trip when Cairo was only the starting and ending city. 
Time to see the essential, but only that.

What a size

Ghiza by solopes
Ghiza by solopes

Everybody has a good image of what drags millions to Cairo – the pyramids; Everybody knows that they are extremely big; Anyway, everybody gets surprised when trying to make a picture of them and, even from the distance, they confirm their astonishing dimensions. 

That, and the sensation felt in front of the most important landmark of mankind, are more than enough to justify the trip.

And, don’t even dare to start thinking how did they build that…
Address: Al Haram Str., Gizeh, Cairo

The sphynx


More than a mystery guarding the pyramids, the sphinx is a complex, with a temple showing some interesting details in its construction. (And providing a few blessing shades that give time to think and to appreciate the dimension of the whole).

As a matter of fact there are two temples near the sphinx, but only the one facing it was built in the same time, and probably by the same constructors. It seems that in was never finished, and though showing the same signs of erosion than the sphinx, it is a brief and interesting visit.

Cairo Museum


Maybe the richest museum that I’ve seen, it left me with a sensation of… disappointment. 

The collection is so big, so rich, that the display is too dense and inexpressive. Only the section of Tutankhamun glows in the whole, with the drawback that it is always crowded.

Address: Midan El Tahrir, Cairo 11557

Directions: not far from Nile Hilton Hotel

Phone: (202)5782448

Balcony over Cairo


One of the highest points in a plane city, Saladino’s citadel is the best place to have a general look over town. 

Looking closer, the military constructions and specially the alabaster mosque have some precious details

Khan el Khalili – ​Business for all


If you are acquainted with souks and bargaining, Khan-el-Khalili may be just one more commercial area. But if you want to feel the pulse of arab deals and feel the real Cairo you must not skip this famous street, and its tents and shops of any kind. 

I must confess that we were not impressed, maybe because… it was one more… we were short in time… shopping was done…

Address: From Al Azher st.,Cairo



Memphis is today only a memorial: an open-air museum with an alabaster sphinx for the touristy photo, and a huge statue of Ramses II protected in an expressly built construction. In a fresh and well-maintained garden, some other relics justify your trip, and differently from Cairo Museum, you can easily walk around and… breath.


Modern look

Less known and visited than Giza’s pyramids, Sakkara is the older one discovered in Egypt. 

The adjacent temple is interesting and well displayed. There are also a few and beautiful mastabas open to visit.

Address: South of Cairo