Memories of Angola


Personal memories Memories of Angola

Coffee and Timber

We know that Angola‘s natural wealth is not just oil and diamonds. For a year I lived on a farm in the north, where coffee production and logging reached impressive values. The civil war stopped many of these explorations, but the potential is there, and I dream to see the spectacle of coffee flowering again.

Scars of war

Memories of Angola
Memories of Angola

War ended a few years ago, but it still conditioning local life.

​Mines are the most dangerous menace, restricting accesses. But the other signs are surely being erased. Quiximba, was a sort of concentration camp, and I believe that now, it has disappeared. 

Blond negro children are another sign of war, that, instead of disappearing, will now, I hope, find a new reason to live a happy life.

But… will Quiximba still remain?

Yes, it seem to continue now under the name of Kinximba