Luanda – good memories of 1974


To see Visiting Luanda

Luanda was a very beautiful city.

​In 1974 this was the look of the island’s access from the fort. And now, what will it be?

Luanda was a wonderful town, where progress was seen everywhere. The war threw the town to chaos, and it will take time to recover, but, I still dream, that, one day, I will see it again, and congratulate the Angolans for its recuperation. The problem is the limitations of the touristy structures, and the “crazy” prices.

Visiting Luanda
Upper city in the seventies
Upper city in the seventies

The wide areas in the outskirts of town were suffering the effects of fast but organized growing, reflecting the development introduced by the Portuguese during the years of colonial war. I heard that the degradation of the center of town and the massive migration due to war, pushed people to the surrounding areas. How are them nowadays? Did they keep the trend of organized development, or suffered the effects of chaos brought by civil war?

The island

Bridge to the island

Lined in front of town, one narrow stripe of sand, ten kilometers long, closes the bay, and provides several beaches. The ocean side is a clean and usually safe open sea, the land side is a calm lake not recommended for health reasons. But some kids don’t pay any attention to it.


Luanda by by solopes

In the southern outskirts of Luanda, Corimba invites to swim.

If you may cross, the island of Mussulo is the top destination but not beating the beauty of the coast.

(This, before civil war, but I’m curious to see it again).



A few kilometers far from Luanda, Mussulo Island was a paradise. Now that the economy is recovering, and Luanda starts attracting again, some visitors, I’m curious about what they will do in that Island or with what remains of it. Well, it surely there will be an opportunity to visit it in my necessary future visit.

The bay

Visiting Luanda in the seventies

Not suitable to swim, the bay of Luanda is wonderful no matter the point from where you observe it, day or night.

Miramar, a high quarter, is, maybe, the best point to do it. And if you want to swim, the facing island is only a narrow strip with open waters.

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