Aakirkeby – 30 minutes stop


​​To see Aakirkeby

It was hard to locate this town in internet – locally, its name is written Aakirkeby, which seems to have something to do with the church.

The only town of Bornholm away from the sea, I had the chance to be there with a bit of sun, turning it in a colorful place. It has nothing remarkable, but shows the same harmony and peace of all the island.

The town of Aakirkeby is not a must see, but if you pass there, there’s no reason to skip it: a small break in your trip allows a quick visit to a calm place, with historical relevance.

The Aa church


This strange church seems to come from the 12th century. It is referred as the oldest, and one of the biggest in the island. It was the centre of power until the 18th century.

​Don’t ask me what is a “Aa church ” – my Danish rounds zero, and I couldn’t read anything about it.

What is this?


Entering the church, too “naked” for a Mediterranean visitor (as expected), a carved panel between two big and looking old stones, at the entrance, calls the attention.

What is that?

​I couldn’t find out!

City centre


Small and cozy, the city centre looks friendly and nice. Some discreet shops and cafes line the streets, with the common look in the island, easy to walk in a few minutes.

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