Egypt by Mario


The bust of Alexander the Great

The bust of Alexander the great in Alexandria
The bust of Alexander the great in Alexandria
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Alexander the Great Alexandria

Alexander the Great, advanced on Egypt in later 332 BC and after conquering the country he found this city of Alexandria in northern Egypt

Butchery in Tanta – little girl with big knife


Like in any other Egyptian town, Butcheries in Tanta show their meats outside in the open busy streets.

I run for some pictures of this particular butchery and, after a few shots, this little girl (pictured) asked me to make a photo of her. I can not speak Arabic myself but could figure out her request. Her relatives on that busy street were all looking to me and smiling. So, we went for it.

Tanta egypt tanta
Tanta egypt tanta

The little girl wanted to make a pose for the camera and grabbed a big knife, which in my opinion it was not a tool appropriate for her age, but nobody around made any reprehension and I quickly understood that she had done that pose before. I took one other shot, which turn out to be a good shot by the way, and showed the result on the camera to everyone. Everyone was then happily laughing at it and I left with a smile on my face and waving to everyone there 🙂

“Alexandria – written in Arabic Language”

This shot was taken at the Alexandria Train station.
It’s written in Arabic and reads “Alexandria”, the name of the town. 🙂

Cairo – Egypt

“Beer in Egypt”

Beer is not easy to find in Egypt but noticed at least three beers that are locally brewed: StellaSakara and Heineken.

“Sheikh Al’ Mario Mohamed Portugal” Tem foto

Sheikh Al’ Mario Mohamed Portugal is showing himself off 🙂

These photo shots were taken in Giza in September 2011.

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