The Natural History Museum

The Museu de História Natural -MHN- (The Natural History Museum) was founded in 1911 and since 1933 it has been located in this Manueline style building (see photos).

Due to its thousands of items on display, this Museum is definitely one of Maputo’s most popular landmarks.

II – At the entrance

At the entrance of the MHN – Museu de História Natural (The Natural History Museum), the visitor finds the access to the Museum’s second floor (see photo).

The visitor is now facing a pair of elephant’s tusks and also two embalmed antelope heads positioned as “looking” to each other.

III – The hippopotamus’ skeleton

Once one gets inside the MHN – Museu de História Natural (The Natural History Museum), one will immediate notice a genuine adult hippopotamus’ skeleton.

This is pointing start for the visit.

IV – 200 embalmed mammals

The MHN – Museu de História Natural (The Natural History Museum) has 200 embalmed mammals on display.

V – Depicted on their natural habitats

Most of the embalmed animals at the MHN – Museu de História Natural (The Natural History Museum) are depicted on simulated scenarios of their natural habitats.

VI – The “Attack of the Lion!!

The “Attack of the Lion” as described at the MHN – Museu de História Natural (The Natural History Museum):

To attack the animal that was chosen to be its prey, the Lion develops a short run, truly fulminate, followed by a jump on its victim.

If the prey is of small size, it will fall right there due to the weight of its aggressor and it will immediately turn dead due to the bites of the Lion.

However, if the prey is of a bigger size, the Lion’s goal is to bring it down with a powerful stamping with its paw or with a bite on the prey’s spinal column. By breaking the prey’s spinal column, the Lion succeeds on immobilizing it and also on reducing the prey’s defense capabilities.

VII – Fighting for survival

On this scene, a Buffalo fights against 3 Lions for its survival.

The Buffalo is generally a quite pacific animal when is among its herd but it might turn quite violent when, for being old and abandoned by the herd, is left alone or when it is wounded or also when it feels its life is in danger.

This scene depicts a fight for survival and the Buffalo, despite having killed already a Lion, will ended up by losing the battle.

The Lions, on the other hand, had had carefully chosen their prey. Maybe because they couldn’t find a weaker prey, the Lions were smart enough to form an attacking group since they know that with combined efforts they are stronger that the lonely Buffalo.

VIII – The Elephant’s 14 foetuses collection

The Elephants collection

The Museum “elephants” collection has fourteen foetuses and clearly shows the anatomical transformation which takes place throughout the gestation period, which in this case is twenty two months.

This long period is justified for two main reasons: the animal is very large and it is an herbivore. […]

The History of the Foetuses collection

The existence of this collection is due to the fact that, at the time of the First World War, the Agricultural of the colonial Government decided to “clean up” the area of south Maputo for agricultural projects. To put this into effect was established a team of hunters led supervisor Mr. Carreira.

During the “clean up” and being the most plentiful species in the area, around two thousand elephants were killed. Fortunately, the aforementioned Mr. Carreira had the happy inspiration to preserve in formaldehyde the foetuses he found. Nowadays it would be unthinkable to carry such a slaughter.

To make matter worse in this crime, that area in question never gained any form of agricultural approval.

It is from this sad event that there is today a unique collection in the world.

IX – Baby Elephants do born with 100 Kg

From the Elephant’s foetuses collection, a visitor will learn that a baby Elephant, after 22 months of gestation, is born with the weight of 100 kilos (=approx 220 pounds) !!!

X – The reptiles collection

Summing the number of turtles, lizards, crocodiles, snakes, etc, the Museum has on display a total of 150 reptiles.

Directions: in front of Hotel Cardoso.

Tickets are 50 MT (about 1.5 euros) per person.

Phone: (+258) 21-491-145

Address: Av. Travessia do Zambeze 104, Maputo – Mozambique.

Costa do Sol beach

Praia da Costa do Sol / Costa do Sol beach is the most popular beach destination in the city of Maputo and largely frequented by Mozambicans, in particular during weekends.

The amusement park of Feira Popular de Maputo

While visiting Feira Popular de Maputo (Maputo’s Popular Fair), it definitely seemed to me that the glorious days of this park are long gone.

It might have been a popular destination for family entertainment in the past. Nowadays it looks worn out and a little bite out of fashion. Even though, Mozambicans still bring in here their children for fun.

To get inside the park there’s a cost of 10 Meticais (about 30 euro cents) per person and additionally tickets for rides on the various carrossel are as follow:
The “Caracol” Road
The well known “Caracol” Road (in english: snail road) got this popular designation due to its shape.

“Estrada do Caracol” designation was created during the Portuguese ruling era.

This particular road links the upper area of Maputo to its lower area that is also known as baixa.
[-Rua Marquês de Pombal-] Marquis of Pombal Street
Marquis of Pombal, a Portuguese statesman, has a street named after him in downtown Maputo.

Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, Marquis of Pombal, was Prime Minister to Joseph I of Portugal at the time of the famous 1755 Lisbon earthquake.

Click Marquis of Pombal to read more about Marquis of Pombal at wikipedia.

The Sunset over Maputo Bay

During Sunset the Maputo Bay present a nice romantic scenario for photo shots.

Maputo by Night – 2006

These cool photos of Maputo by Night were shot by Afonso Duarte – a good friend that loves Mozambique and last year managed to find a way to live & work in the city Maputo (formerly known as Lourenço Marques), actually the city where he was born almost 40 years ago.

Mail Boxes with the Portuguese Armillary Sphere

Visitors will notice that Maputo has plenty of public mail boxes on its streets. Those boxes, that can be found all over the city, are from the preindependence period (before 1975).

Since it’s still possible to see the portuguese armillary sphere on those mail boxes, it definitely brings memories from the old Portuguese ruling time when Maputo city was known as Lourenço Marques.

I guess that due to very limited human resources, those mailing boxes are now out of use since the current mozambican mail system doesn’t collect any mail from it.

Xiricos nests on the trees of Julius Nyerere Ave.

Somehow on Avenida Julius Nyerere there are only 3 particular trees (out of many other trees) that hold various nests of some little birds locally know as Xiricos.

Those particular trees are located on Julius Nyerere Avenue right in front of the Europcar office (near Polana Hotel).

Odd thing: A Tree on the edge of a building’s roof

Would one imagine that on one particular building on Avenida 24 de Julho, one of the main avenues in Maputo, there’s a tree that has been growing, growing, growing on the edge of the roof and it seems that nobody cares about it !!!

The tree sprang up right there and right there has it been growing and thing’s are likely to be kept that way. Amazing !! – Who would think that this could happen ??

Sewer Covers carry the name of “Lourenço Marques”

A curious note is that sewer covers found on the streets Maputo still carry the name of Lourenço Marques, the former name of this city during the time of Portuguese rule.

Café Camissa: Snacks at the Camissa

Besides acting “as both a meeting point and a place to exchange ideas” for artists, travellers, intellectuals, locals and regulars, Café Camissa is also a nice place for snacks & beverages.

Click here to read my Café Camissa Tip about posted on Maputo’s Things To Do.

Except for Mondays, the Camissa opens everyday from 10am until 9pm.

9pm is the official time to close but don’t be surprise to find Café Camissa open ’til much later or wouldn’t this be a place where Artists meet !!

Address: Rua da Argélia 194, Maputo – Mozambique

Price Comparison: about average

Other Contact:

Phone: (+258) 824-153-100

Price: less than US$10

Escorpião: Scorpion in Maputo

…. (info to be added) ….

Directions: in Baixa de Maputo at the Feira Popular de Maputo amusement park.

Mimmos: Making Life Good!

Mimmos – Italian Family Restaurant, is a South African chain of over 50 restaurants in South Africa alone and 2 additional in Mozambique.

I must confess that, while in Maputo, I’m a regular at Mimmos.

On its italian food menu, customers find a diverse offer of appetizers, salads, pizza, pasta, and grills (steaks, burgers, and chicken).

Prices for Pizza range from 80 MT to 150 MT (approx 2.5€ to 5€).

Address: Avenida 24 de Julho, Maputo – Mozambique

Price Comparison: about average

Price: US$11-20

Francesinha snack bar: To have a Francesinha in Maputo.

Francesinha is a typical dish (or snack, depending on how one look into it) popular in the Portuguese city of Oporto (Porto in Portuguese).

In Maputo I’ve noticed there’s a snack-bar that goes under that name, Francesinha. Cool. 🙂
I decided to try it while in Maputo. This was my very first time I was having a Francesinha while traveling outside Portugal and, I should say, it was not bad. The owner of this place, whom is Portuguese, makes sure to offer the genuine stuff to his customers.

Besides Francesinhas, this snack-bar also serves several other portuguese tapas. It also has a cocktail menu (prices range from 70 to 90 MT => approx 2 to 3 euros).

Address: Rua Mateus Sansão Muthemba #171, Maputo.

Price Comparison: about average

Phone: (+258) 824-101-283

Price: less than US$10

Red Mussels for dinner.

This type of Mussel got its name, Red Mussel, because it shows a red colour after being cooked.

We bought 5 kilos of these at Mercado do Peixe for 80 MT (= less than 3 euros) and cooked it for ourselves at home.

Food (mussels, bred, wine & beer) was enough to feed all 4 of us on that evening !!

Rodízio Real: Fine Portuguese Restaurant

Rodízio Real opened 8 years ago (in 1998) and positioned itself for the elite Mozambican social class. Even today Rodízio Real customers are many of the Mozambican politicians that live in Maputo.

The price for a regular entree ranges from 350 to 400 Mtn (approx 11 to 13 Euros) and the Rodízio is 490 Mtn (about 15 euros). [Drinks not included on the Rodízio].

Despite Rodízio being a typical Brazilian dish, the food served by the restaurant is mainly of Portuguese and Mozambican cuisines.

The wine list includes all the different wine regions from Portugal, with Alentejo being given more presence. However, the wine list also includes some few South African’s that are available for purchase.

About 40 people make the whole staff of the restaurant.

Address: Av. Julius Nyerere, 794, CP 1750 Maputo.

Price Comparison: most expensive

Directions: near the Portuguese Embassy.

Other Contact:

Phone: (+258) 21-497-275

Price: US$21-30

Mundos: Restaurant, Pub & Everything

Mundos is one of my favourite eatery places in the whole city of Maputo. I regularly come here for pizza & beer. From Mundos I like the ambiance, the decoration and its service.

The Ambiance is very international. Mundos customers are generally from South Africa but there’s also many customers from Mozambique and some others of Portugual.

The restaurant has been working since 1995 but Albert, one of the owners, has been living in Maputo for 15 years now.

The wine list is mainly of South African wines, which are brought directly from this neighbour country chosen on the basis of a personal selection from the Mundos’ management. Some few portuguese wines such as Vinho Verde are also available. Wines are being sold by the glass.

Beers available are the ones produced locally, in Mozambique, and also some South Africa. A curious note is that the “made in mozambique” beers, 2M and Laurentina, are the most populars by far.

Price for each pizza range from 160 MTn (5 Euros) to 270 Mtn (8.5 Euros). And pasta prices range from 160 MTn (5 Euros) to 230 MTn (7 Euros). Besides pizza & pasta, the Mundos’ menu also offers a wide range of other types of food such as grilled meat and shrimp.

All-day breakfast service is available for 80-250 MTn (approx 2.5 – 8 Euros).

Mundos covers an area of about 800 square metres (= approx 8,610 sq feet), divided in 5 different sections from restaurants, bars, and al fresco dinning. Customers also find a children playground on the premises, which is very popular for families with kids.

Note: I’m using a currency conversion of 1 Euro = 32 Meticais.

Address: Avenida Julius Nyerere 657, Maputo, Mozambique

Price Comparison: more expensive than average

Directions: On the intersection of Eduardo Mondlane and Julius Nyerere‘s avenues – or – in front of the Portuguese Embassy.

Phone: (+258) 21-494-080

Price: US$11-20

Pérola de Maputo: Coffee & Snacks

Opened in November 2003. Pérola de Maputo is a nice place for a Snack & Coffee.

Price Comparison: about average

Directions: near FACIM in Baixa of Maputo

Price: less than US$10

The Restaurants of Mercado do Peixe: Don’t Miss The Fresh Seafood!

As I wrote on my Maputo’s Things-to-Do Tip, Mercado do Peixe, the Fish Market, is one of my favourites places in the whole city of Maputo. A must for any visitor.

Suggestion: Come here for Lunch or Dinner.

Visitors may buy Sea Food & Fish on the market and restaurants located right on the Market’s back are happy to cook it for you. Which is great.

Do not expect to find fair weight scales when doing your buying. Sellers easily notice if a buyer is a foreigner and chances are visitors will be cheated on prices & weights. Not a big deal, though.

For future reference, I do inform that my local friend bought 2 kilos of Shrimp for 300 Meticais (=about 10 Euros).

Address: Avenida Marginal, Maputo.

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Price: less than US$10

Villa das Mangas Hotel ****: Oasis in downtown Maputo

Unique Qualities: Villa das Mangas provides a 4**** star accommodation on its 21 rooms and it’s conveniently located in the centre of Maputo just a few block away from Shopping Polana.

$65 usd …………….. Single room.
$85 usd …………….. Double room.
$95 usd …………….. Executive room.
$90 usd – three bedroom apartment.

Visa & Mastercard accepted.

Address: Ave 24 Julho nr 401; Maputo.
Directions: in the Polana area.
othercontact: Cell: +258 823041720 / 823211950
Phone: & FAX +258 21497507 / 21497078
Price: US$80-120

Hotel Ibis Maputo: Good & Affordable

Address: Avenida 25 de Setembro 1743, Maputo, Mozambique

Other Contact: Email:

Phone: +25821352200

Price: US$40-80

Terminus Hotel: five star comfort at a three star price

Terminus Hotel five star comfort at a three star price

… this is its slogan.

Rates for their 47 air-conditioned Room

– Economy – $60 USD

– Standard – $100 USD

– Executive – $120 USD

– Suite – $135 USD

Location (quote):
The hotel is centrally situated within walking distance of the city’s main commercial, shopping and entertainment district as well as ministries and embassies.

Address: Rua Francisco Orlando Magumbwé, 587; Maputo – Mozambique.

Price Comparison: about average

Other Contact: (+258) 823-034-630 – cell

Phone: (+258) 21-491-333

Price: US$80-120

Theme: Hotel


Hotel Cardoso: Fine Lodging at Cardoso

Show Prices

Hotel Cardoso


Luxury Suites

Single – USD 350.00

Double – USD 380.00

Flamingo Executive Room

Single – USD 200.00

Double – USD 230.00

Sea View Room With Verandah

Single – USD 125.00

Double – USD 140.00

Town View Room

Single – USD 115.00

Double – USD 130.00

Address: Ave Martires De Mueda 707; PO Box 35; Maputo – Mozambique

Directions: near Museu de História Natural

Other Contact:

Phone: (+258) 21-491-071

Theme: Hotel


Hotel Polana: the finest 5***** star in Maputo.

The Polana is the finest 5***** star hotel in Maputo.

Except for the Presidential Suite, which is $1,000 USD per night, room rates for its 178 rooms range from $150 to $450 US dollars.

“Hotel Polana is a majestic building with a history stretching back many years, now lovingly restored to offer modern convenience hand in hand with the leisurely luxury and service of the colonial past”.

Address: Avenida Julius Nyerere 1380, PO Box 1151, Maputo, Mozambique.

Price Comparison: most expensive

Phone: (+258) 21-491-001

Price: US$180 and up

Theme: Hotel


Hotel Polana: The Polana Swimming Pool

Unique Qualities: Lovely !! – Wonderful set !!

A swimming pool with a view over the Indian Ocean.

Address: Avenida Julius Nyerere 1380; P.O. Box 1151; Maputo, Mozambique.

Price Comparison: most expensive

Phone: (+258) 21-491-001

Price: US$180 and up

Theme: Hotel


The walking shortcut of Barreiras

Right next to Hotel Cardoso there’s a walking shortcut to Baixa, the lower part of Maputo, that brings you right to FACIM – Maputo’s International Fair ground.

I’ve already crossed several times this convenient shortcut myself.

However, since it requires a considerable walk in an isolated area, some visitors might feel unsafe crossing this area on their own.

Dirty & Filthy Streets

Unfortunately Maputo still shows huge amounts of rubbish – tons of garbage – in some of its streets !!

Hopefully this will change soon.

Unsafe ways to move around …

It’s incredible the way Mozambicans use to move around by car.

Unsafe ways for transportation is being seen all over !!!

Broken Sidewalks !!!

I’m not exaggerating by saying that nowadays the majority of Maputo’s sidewalks are broken !!!

The roots of the trees have definitely done a great job to that cause that and, surprisingly, it seems that the local City Council has not been paying any attention to this phenomenon at all !!

Definitely, fixing things has not been a priority for many years. Hopefully this issue will change soon. Maputo is a lovely city and deserves to be in better shape.

Sidewalk holes on the sewer covers.

Surprisingly, the majority of the sewer covers on the sidewalks are broken or have part of their tops removed !!. This represents a dangerous trap for any walking person. Once in Maputo, one better walk carefully and look at all the time to the ground to avoid those trapping holes where a whole foot can fit in.

Locals might not like to be photographed.

Visitors should be aware that locals might not be pleased for being photographed. Worse is the case if one’s not buying any goods from them at all !!

Airport directions – traffic sign.

This particular sign is located at the corner of Eduardo Mondlane Ave. & Julius Nyerere Ave. and it is the best airport direction traffic sign I’ve seen in the whole city of Maputo !!! (check photos).

Suggestion: better take a Taxi for a ride to the airport :-))

Tourist trapsThe “good friend” of the Customs Control Office.

Once in Maputo, you might be approached by a supposed “friend” of the Customs Control Office saying that he had assisted you at the customs office by clearing your way and also that he did not come up with any tentative difficulty that would might have caused you any problem !!!

That supposed “good friend” approaches you saying things like “How come you do not remember me !?” and “I assisted you at the airport”.

Well, this is an “old story” used by a few of the locals to get some money from foreigner visitors.

While in Maputo I personally experienced this type of approach once but since I had been previously informed on this story, my only words to this “supposed customs’ friend” were: “Yes. That’s right. You did great by assisting me at Airport. Too bad I crossed the Mozambique border by car, not by plane. Bye now”. And walked way from that “good friend”.

End of the story.

Passion for Benfica – a Portuguese football team

The Portuguese Football League has thousands of followers in Mozambique. One can tell that Mozambicans really care about Portuguese football (“soccer” in the USA).

While wandering in Maputo I found several few locals wearing shirts of the Portuguese team of Benfica.

Other Portuguese clubs such as Sporting and also Porto do also find thousands of followers in Mozambique.

Actually, world class sportsman Eusébio, also known as the black panther, the leading scorer in the 1966 World Cup and the best Portuguese football player ever, is of Mozambican born himself.

Random Street Scenes (I) – The Orange Sellers

Maria & Delfina.

Random Street Scenes (II): The Watch Seller

Leonardo is his name but he’s known as Leopardo (Leopard).

Likely any other street sellers, he calls visitors by the english word “boss”.

Leonardo has an “original” Breitling watch on sale for 350 MT (about 12 euros) !! – Pretty dam deal !! .. 🙂

Unexpected places to have a nap (I).

Unexpected places to have a nap (II).

Mural Advertising

Once in Maputo a visitor will notice hand-painted Mural advertisements exposed all over the city’s building walls.
Those Ads are made by local people, definitely genuine artists !!!

Featured on this Tip’s picture is Mr Bata (mCel: +258 825-748-863 ), 39, who lives in Maputo and is available for any tailored painting job.

Besides Mural Advertisement & Marketing, Mr Bata also does human & animal sculptures (such as Elephants, zebras and giraffes) out of concrete.

Friendly local People

Mozambique was a very nice surprise. I must confess I was not expecting to find out how friendly and beautiful local people are. I couldn’t help but felt in love. My heart lays now in Maputo. I want to go back. Lovely. (April 2006).

From Lourenço Marques to Maputo- the name’s change

After independence (in 1975), the city’s name changed from Lourenço Marques to Maputo.

Maputo’s name has its origin in an old, fierce tribal leader, named Maputa, who once ruled over the whole region.

Wiston Churchill escaped to Lourenço Marques

During the Second Boer War (or the South African War), 11-Oct-1899 to 31-May-1902, after being captured by the Boers, an young Winston Churchill made a daring escape to Lourenço Marques by slipping past the sentries.

The Estrela market: “Buying drinks from the inside of the Car”


My experience on buying beverage in Estrela was done with some good friends of mine, already experiment local buyers.

We drove our car into the Estrela market and stopped nearby. A whole group of volunteers immediately approached to assist on the purchases.

My friends started reading the products from their list and immediately the outside volunteers started running for the brands.

It seemed to me that those external assistants do actually have the most popular wine & spirits brands already assigned to them.

The process of buying was being done with the car’s doors locked and its windows mid-open.

The sellers (or their assistants) tried to insist on some products that were not originally on the buyers list.

The sellers’ assistants that were carrying the chosen wine & spirits brands were pushing for the bottles into inside the car and at the same time protecting their customer from the competitors assistants.

By looking closer to the 5 pictures on this Tip, one would guess how the experience might have been.

The whole process was really pacific anyway.

The requested bottles of wine & spirits were brought inside the car. The goods were counted and paid. We, the buyers, left then the place with no more selling harassment.

It was a whole cultural experience, I should say 🙂

What to buy: Wine & Spirits & Beer.
Address: Mercado da Estrela, Maputo.

Grocery Mafalala: popularly known as “Mufundisse”

The Mufundisse is an extremely popular shop and a grocery very well known for its usual low prices.

The building has the date of 1932 on the top of its main door but the grocery was founded in 1969 by an Indian emigrant, the grandfather of the actual owner that has also born in India.

Since the original founder in 1969 used to have a very large beard, he became immediately know by “Mufundisse”, a word that in the local Ronga language may have two meanings. It could either be (1) “father” or (2) “shepherd”.

Another interesting curiosity is that customers buying at this grocery have been doing their shopping at the Mufundisse for several generations now. Thus, friendship bonds have definitely been created between the buyers and the sellers themselves.

“Mufundisse” is located in “Rua de Goa” (Goa Street), formerly “Estrada de Mafalala” (Mafalala Road). The growth of the city of Maputo after 1969 has took a pace that what once used to be a location outside the city, the Mafalala road, has now become another street of the city itself.

What to buy: Groceries
Address: Rua de Goa – 231; Maputo

Gelati: GELATI’s Ice Cream on Julius Nyerere Ave

Gelati opened on November 18, 2006, and is conveniently located next to Xenon Cinema.

Gelati shows a brand new & modern decoration. It’s definitely a lovely place to seat for coffee & chat.

This is a place to enjoy a nice Ice Cream. However snacks, simple sandwiches, hamburgers, scramble eggs, cafe late & expreso may also be order from the list. Beer & alcoholic beverages also available.

What to buy: Ice Cream, coffee & snacks.

What to pay: Prices for Ice cream:

1 scoop: 35 meticais (approx €1 euro)

2 scoops: 55 meticais

3 scoops: 70 meticais
Address: Av Julius Nyerere 798, Maputo, Mozambique
Directions: Right next to Rodizio Real restaurant & Xenon cinema.

Surf: Ice Cream at Jardim dos Namorados

Located on Jardim dos Namorados is Surf – Ice Cream shop.

What to buy: Ice Cream

What to pay: Two scoops cost 60 Mtn (approx 2 Euros).
Address: Av. Friederich Engels, 290 – Maputo.
Directions: In the Jardim dos Namorados park.
Phone: (+258) 21-496-544

The Malanga Market: Inexpensive Fruit & Produce for sale.

In the Malanga Market buyers can find Fruits & Produce for the most inexpensive price in the whole city of Maputo.

Click here to read my Maputo Things to Do Tip on the Malanga Market.

What to buy: Fruit & Produce.

César craftsman: Sea Storks by craftsman César

César, a mozambican craftsman, makes these Sea Storks out of the roots of Mafureira trees.

The artist, César, has his pieces on sale on Avenida Julius Nyerere near the Polana Hotel.

What to buy: Hand crafted wood Art

What to pay: Depending on the size, prices for these Sea Storks range from 150 Mtn (5 euros) to 600 Mtn (20 euros).
Directions: Somewhere on the sidewalk of Avenida Julius Nyerere near the Polana Hotel.

Cabeleireiro Liana: Liana’s Hairdresser

It’s a typical ladies’ hairdresser.

What to buy: Hairdressing: 200 Meticais (approx 6 euros) for a “tissagem” – labor only.

Address: Rua Rufino de Oliveira – 99, Maputo.

Directions: near Maputo’s city centre.

Mundos: Nice ambiance by night

On top of being one of my favourite eatery places in the whole city of Maputo, Mundos is also a place that I love to come to hang out for nightlife.

Mundos offers a nice ambiance to hang out. It’s a great place to chat and meet new people.

Beer on tap costs 40 MTn a pint (approx 1.3 Euros).

Dress Code: Casual

Address: Avenida Julius Nyerere 657, Maputo, Mozambique.

Directions: On the intersection of Eduardo Mondlane and Julius Nyerere‘s avenues.

Phone: (+258) 21-494-080

“Taxi rides for 100 Meticais (=about 3 Euros)”

Taxis are generally available in the city of Maputo and easy to find in front of any major hotel.

Local Taxis ride without meter (!!) but this should not be a concern for any visitor since, as far as I know, there are only two prices for the rides 🙂

> 100 Meticais (=about 3 euros) for any regular ride.
> 200 Meticais (=about 6 euros) for longer rides.

I’ve done myself several Taxi rides in Maputo and recall that only once I’ve paid 150 Meticais and one other 250 Meticais.

Nevertheless, my suggestion is to confirm Price for each ride before you’ll get inside the car. Failing to do so, a customer might get a bigger check by the end of the trip and that would be an ugly surprise !!

Note that Taxis are generally quite old cars and on all my rides I’ve found generally trusty drivers regarding the concern of safety and robbery.

“Imperial Car Rental” 

Maputo downtown
591 Av. Mao Tse Tung
Telephone: (+258) 2149-3543
Facsimile: (+258) 2149-3545

Maputo Airport
Telephone: (+258) 2146-5250
Facsimile: (+258) 2146-5250

Nampula Airport – Provincia de Nampula
Telephone: (+258) 621-6312
Facsimile: (+258) 621-6312

—– quote from Imperial’s website —–

Imperial Car Rental is currently the largest home grown, South African born car rental brand. It was started by Carol Scott in 1979 with a humble fleet of nine cars in a small office in downtown Johannesburg.

Imperial’s philosophy has always been to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit, thinking big, but with the attitude and commitment of a small business. Personal service and attention to detail has been the foundation of the company with a focus on delivering “impressive” customer service.

Imperial currently operates a fleet of over 15 000 vehicles in more than 100 locations across eight African countries namely; South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. Its most recent branch opening was in the largely untapped market of Soweto.

Imperial has the largest share of the South African corporate market and a rapidly growing leisure market share which Imperial is well positioned to serve through its extensive network and wide range of product offerings.

Imperial’s attributes its success to date to consistently raising the service level bar, which is the key differentiator in this fiercely competitive industry. With its 24 hour service and willingness to go to any lengths for its customers, the company has revitalized and re-energized its twenty five year old slogan ‘Yours Personally’. Every person in the company lives the Imperial promise – “We will impress you”.

Through the decades, Imperial has become a household name and remains one of the strongest brands in the car rental industry.

“The inexpensive Chapa rides”

Chapa is a vehicle used for public transportation. This service is provided (I guess) by private small businesses.

Those vehicles, normally Toyota Hiace vans, can easily be found anywhere in Maputo and theoretically one can get to anywhere in the city for a mere 5 MT Chapa ride.

Regular tourists & other visitors tend to avoid these Chapa rides since they will feel unsafe inside those vehicles. I personally experienced their service and felt comfortable with it.

Each ride costs 5 MT (about 16 euro cents) to anywhere in Maputo and 7.5 MT (about 2.5 euro cents) to longer distances or to Maputo’s outskirts locations.

Please be aware that some danger may be definitely associated. In particular for longer distances. Chapa drivers do speed a lot and one always wonder about the shape of the vehicle brake system !! – FYI, while in Maputo -in August 2006- I’ve read on the news that somewhere in the Maputo’s outskirts a Chapa Van had accident and, unfortunately, all its 16 passengers have died !!

“From Maputo to Johannesburg / Pretoria by BUS”

Intercape to Johannesburg / Pretoria

Departures from Maputo to Johannesburg & Pretoria
07:45h & 19:00h.

Arrivals to Maputo from Johannesburg / Pretoria
07:45h & 15:30h

Maputo Office:
Tropical Air Tours,
Ave 24 de Julho, nr 909

Mode: TO
othercontact: Email:
Phone: +258 21 325 078 / 21 431 006
Type: Bus

Taking the “Bagamoyo” ferry to Catembe

Catembe is located on the other side of Maputo Bay.

One may take the Ferry, named “Bagamoyo”, for a 10-minute ride to the other side of the bay. Ticket prices are 200 MT (6.5 euros) for a car+driver and 5 MT (16 euro cents) for each additional person inside the car.


The “Laranjinha” Taxi – The “Little Orange” Taxi

Apanhe uma Laranjinha !!! – in english: Take a tuk-tuk taxi…

“Laranjinha” translates into “Little Orange”.

There are six Laranjinhas in the city of Maputo. Beside the driver, the vehicle may carry 3 more people (2 adults and a child).

They charge 25 MTn (about 80 euro cents = $1 US dollar ) per kilometre and are happy to drive you to the beach front, or any other sight in the city or to your favourite restaurant or club.

Works 7 days per week.

Telf: 824-100-001 or 823-831-380.

Europcar – rental car

Europcar has a branch in Maputo. It’s located on Julius Nyerere Avenue right next to Polana Hotel

This branch is able to provide any needed assistance directly to any Europcar vehicle rented to circulate within the Província de Maputo region.


Other Contact: Cell: (+258) 823-002-410

Phone: (+258) 21-497-338 & 21-466-172

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