Beluluane in 2 days


Mozal in Beluluane – the largest industrial project

Mozal, is large aluminum melting plant and is definitely the ” the largest industrial project ever undertaken in Mozambique.

Matola River Resort’s Swimming Pool

When the weather is hot, visitors may always opt to use Matola River Resort’s Swimming Pool.

Adults: 50 MTn (approx. 1.5 euros) /day. Children: 25 MTn (approx. 0.75 euro cents) /day.

Mr Alfredo, 56.

Mr Alfredo waited tables at the Mozambican Presidency from 1972 until 1998.

Started in 1972 working then for the Gov. Pimentel dos Santos, Mozambican’s Portuguese Governor in duty. Later Mr Alfredo served Mr Victor Crespo, in duty for the transition government from ’74 ’til ’75.

In 1975 Mozambique become a sovereign country and Mr Alfredo kept serving Mr Samora Machel, very first Mozambican’s President, until Mr. Machel’s tragic death in a plain crash in 1986.

From ’86 ’til ’98 Mr Joaquim Chissano was the national President and Mr Alfredo kept his duty, retiring from service in that year, 1998.

Typical Local Shop

Rustic & small local shops are widely being seen in the area. One may count by the thousands these types of shops !!

No doubt that locals struggle to push for their domestic economy.

Picture on this Tip is the young lady Quiteria, 8, third grade on the Elementary School.

Since it’s December, she’s now enjoying the Summer time school vacation and assisting on her mom’s shop.

For sale buyers can find the following at this particular spot:

6 Onions (3 big + 3 small).
6 Soaps (each for 10 MTn each = about $0.40 USD).
2 Eggs.
2 small bottles of cooking Oil.
20 Batteries (each for 5 MTn = about $0.20 USD).
110 x 20-Cigarett packs.
Peanuts in bulk,
and a bunch of Wash Cleaning powder.

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