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Shopping in Beijing

Beijing by solopes

Shopping in Beijing – A chance to Learn The trips to the Great Wall and tombs always include a stop in a jade factory (I read it in VT prior to go, and… got it there). The usual quick look at some people working (nothing new, I had already seen it, in Thailand, or India, or… both), and a…

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Moving in Thailand


Moving in Thailand Left hand driving Before leaving to Thailand I considered the option of renting a car, to travel around. The first sight of the local traffic immediately forced me to give up. ​Driving on the left it’s tricky for us, even in a disciplined western country, but here, the permanent jamming of the main avenues and the…

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Hotel Castle Mandawa

Mandawa by solopes

Hotel Castle Mandawa 1001 Nights We were worried, when we were told that we had to leave the bus, because it couldn’t reach the hotel. The luggage was moved to a jeep, and we walked a little, across town, before entering a 1001 nights castle. We understood the hard work needed to transform the place in a comfortable hotel….

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Night in Yangshuo


Night in Yangshuo Cormorants Cormorants play a very important role in Li river, catching fish. With a ring around their neck, they dive and catch the fish, but can’t swallow it, so after a couple of dives, the owner, picks them and collects the small fishes, and ends retiring the ring and allowing the animals to eat some of…

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Nightlife in Guilin

Nightlife in Guilin

Nightlife in Guilin Minorities show Close to the hotel we had, included in our travelling package, a show of the ethnic minorities. It was totally different from the previous shows in Beijing and Xi’an. We were in a common theatre, with a popular audience, talking and laughing during the show, only missing… the popcorn. More visual and varied than the other, with…

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Shopping in Guilin


Shopping in Guilin South Pearls Museum HELP! The word came to my mind, but didn’t reach the mouth, when we were received by 5 elegant girls, modeling… pearls. A rational analysis gave me some tranquility:” I’m with Americans, so, THIS TIME, someone else will pay the show. I will escape!” Pure illusion! THAT necklace was… inevitable. Hope again: the…

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More in Guilin


More in Guilin Cormorant training I was tempted to believe that this tradition only lives now because of the tourism, but I’m not so sure. Along the river lots of cormorants, waiting in the rafts, make me believe that they keep being useful. After the parade of the touristy caravan, life may continue in its traditional way. Cards One…

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Portuguese heritage – precious

Portuguese heritage

Portuguese heritage, in Macau, became World Heritage for UNESCO.  Many buildings are classified, but Portugal is present everywhere, even in the common buildings, pavements or small details.  I think, those are the most difficult things to preserve Governor’s Palace  The residence of the former Portuguese governor became in 1999 the official residence to the President of Regional Government.  No…

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Chek Chue

786 stanley o 601

Chek Chue Out of Town Some sites identify Stanley with its Chinese name: Chek Chue.  Respecting that, my notes about Stanley (market and more) will be listed in this post, as part of Hong Kong page. ​Here we go… Street Market Promoted by the guides as a must see in Hong Kong, I couldn’t skip this market. Well, it…

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938 hong kong o 608

Kowloon Modern and accessible​The most important museums of Hong Kong are concentrated in a modern complex by the bay, in Kowloon side, the Cultural Centre. The most visited are the Art museum, still with a section in Flagstaff house, and the History Museum. ​Easy to identify and reach, it shares its part in the night Festival of Lights, around…

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